Level Energy has developed a technique for energy storage that can respond almost instantly to changes in grid frequency, helping keep the UK’s power system in balance.

Level Energy's On-Grid technology has three major benefits:

1It can respond to changes in grid frequency almost immediately, either taking excess energy off, or putting it on, to the Grid.

2It provides energy storage that mimics the way the turbines in a combustion plant speed up or slow down in response to changes in energy supply and demand on the Grid. This is the so-called “system inertia” that generation from solar plant and, to a lesser extent, wind, can’t offer and which helps stabilise the Grid.

3It constantly maintains the batteries in its system at the optimal level for charging and discharging in response to demand from the Grid. This means the system never has a down-time, even when grid frequency (the balance between supply and demand) is normal. Our system can always be ‘On-Grid’.

333,333 tonnes of C02 — That's how much a 10MW battery storage plant can save over its lifetime, the equivalent of taking 5787 cars off the road.

The advantages of our technology are that:

It keeps the energy storage required to a minimum, keeping costs down. It maximizes battery life by maintaining the batteries at an optimal level for charging and discharging. It is tailored to the UK National Grid where grid frequency has a high degree of variability (for example, compared to the United States).

State of charge

Biased response vs normal

Graph shows how On-Grid manages battery level in response to changes in Grid frequency, compared to an unmanaged system.

Unmanaged battery level, no margin for 'events' caused by system faults.

On-Grid automatically manages battery level to optimal point for maximum battery lifetime and smallest capacity.

State of Charge

Response power histogram

Modified vs normal response

Graph shows how On-Grid technology always provides inertia with no significant ‘dead-band’ (when batteries are taken off-line for re-optimisation).

Perfect linear response comparison

On-Grid delivering full response power to all frequency excursions with minimal or zero dead-band.

Response Power

Battery charge level histogram

SOC - Modified response

Graph shows battery level with Level Energy's On-Grid technology, compared to normal as grid frequency changes.



Battery Size - State of Charge

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