Level Energy 'On-Grid' in Germany

Level Energy's new hybrid battery system has been unveiled at a power station in Germany.

Hybrid demonstration

Stadtwerke Bielefeld has announced it will be running a live demonstration of the system at its plant over the next six months.

The system uses Level Energy's 'On-Grid' technology which provides sub-second frequency response using the smallest possible amount of batteries to keep costs down.

The system couples batteries with another power source to constantly maintain the batteries at the optimum level for charging and discharging in response to demand from the grid. This means that battery size is minimised with maximum life. The 'On-Grid' technology provides a maximally flexible, low cost ancillary service plant providing a wide variety of distribution and national network services.

The system has already been tested but is soon to be demonstrated live on the German grid. The demonstration will provide further insight into the reaction rate of the battery cells during charging and discharging as well as the operation of different battery cell technologies under extreme conditions.

The system will then undergo further refinement before being rolled out to one of Level Energy's customers later this year.

Level Energy has collaborated on the system with German company GfE, which has provided the digital energy management system (EMS). The EMS can accommodate different power sources, including generators, solar PV and wind.

The demonstration project is also providing Stadtwerke Bielefeld with data to guide their own business planning.

Level Energy Director, Andrew Howe, commented: "We are delighted to be working closely with GfE and Stadtwerke Bielefeld on this demonstration project, which will provide valuable data for all three parties and, ultimately for our client and the UK National Grid."

Stadtwerke Bielefeld


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