Making energy from 'waste' ground

Level Energy is helping its newest client, Land Logical, to make energy from 'waste' ground.

Landfill gas collection

Land Logical recycles construction waste, specialising in the re-use of inert materials to restore damaged land, and for sports construction.

Level Energy has helped Land Logical enter the Capacity Market by utilizing generation equipment based at one of its sites.

Level Energy is also working with the company to develop proposals for a waste to energy balancing system at the same site.

Land Logical Director, George Dilloway, said: "Level Energy has helped us to realise the value of the existing equipment on our land as well as the potential to harness the power of landfill gas as we remediate this site. This will not only support the efforts of our company with land remediation but also contribute to the stability of the national grid as well, making it a real win-win."

Level Energy Director, Andrew Howe, said: "We are excited at the prospect of using landfill gas in our hybrid storage technology which aims to provide ancillary service to the national electricity networks, improving security of supply and providing sustainable energy for all."

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