Level Energy

Level Energy is a UK technology company that helps balance electricity supply and demand, contributing to the ‘greening’ of our national energy supply.

Balancing electricity

Keeping the electricity grid in balance allows greater integration of renewable energy. It reduces the need for combustion power plants to run throttled back in response mode, allowing them to operate more carbon-efficiently and generating their full potential output.

And it means a better deal for consumers by reducing the risk that renewable power plant will be paid not to generate at times of high supply and low demand.

Green energy

Keeping the lights on

Energy balancing helps keep the lights on, by avoiding rapid changes in frequency (the balance between supply and demand).

This is increasingly important as we use more renewable energy and phase out less environmentally friendly power stations. Large power generators have lots of stored kinetic energy, or inertia, in their rotating mass, which helps stabilise grid frequency.

Renewable energy doesn’t provide the same degree of inertia, which means that rapid changes in frequency are likely, raising the chance of faults and blackouts in electricity supply.

£200m - £250m per year — That’s how much will need to be spent by 2020 on frequency response if the UK meets low carbon targets.

Level Energy is playing its part in maintaining grid frequency. Click the following link to find out how.

Latest News

View Level Energy 'On-Grid' in Germany

Level Energy 'On-Grid' in Germany

Level Energy's new hybrid battery system has been unveiled at a power station in Germany.

02 Apr, 2018

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Making energy from 'waste' ground

Level Energy is helping its newest client, Land Logical, to make energy from 'waste' ground.

04 Jan, 2018

View Level Energy wins client FFR contracts

Level Energy wins client FFR contracts

Level Energy has helped its client, Keystone Power Ltd, win half of the contracts awarded in National Grid's September tender for Firm Frequency Response.

26 Sep, 2016

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